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We are excited you'd like to visit our community!  

Please take a minute to read this information - you can submit a hosting request at the bottom of the page.

Congregation Kesser Israel is committed to the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim and we will always do our best to place visitors for Shabbat.  Please note that our resources, and number of hosts, are limited.

To request hospitality, please fill out this Hospitality Request Form by the Monday before your Shabbat visit. Requests received closer to Shabbat are unlikely to be filled. Please fill out the hospitality form in as much detail as possible in order to facilitate the best match.

Hospitality for Shabbat meals may be requested at any time throughout the year, though placements will be based on availability.

Regarding sleep hospitality, please note that we are not able to fill vacationer requests for sleeping hospitality in the Summer months (June 10-Sept. 10), and over the Chagim.  Outside of this time frame we will try to accommodate sleeping requests. Placements are based on availability and are most successful for parties of 1 or 2. A list of hotels and Airbnb’s in walking distance of Kesser Israel is provided below, along with information about kosher food in Portland.

If you are working with other people or organizations to secure Shabbat hospitality, in addition to Kesser Israel, please make note of this on your Hospitality Request Form. This will help eliminate confusion and streamline our efforts.

Thank you for visiting our community and we look forward to being in touch.

Air Bnbs (within eruv)

Multnomah Gem: Luxurious & cozy, 10 min walk to shul, hosted by Elie  

Multnomah Hidden Pond: Stunning upscale, 10 min walk to shul, hosted by Elie  

Private Daylight 2 BDR Apartment:

Comfy, Cozy, & Spacious with Large Backyard: Close to Shul!

Gorgeous Large Bright Pad:

1 Bd/1 Ba Kosher Condo: Max 3 People - 10 Min Walk to Shul: Contact or 248-760-0743

Cozy and close to shul with separate entrance - 2 Bd/ 2 Ba and small living room area used for childcare otherwise separate basement space. Two beds in each room and ability to set up beds in living room space.  Have queen blow up mattress, extra twins and baby cribs/bassinets.

Contact information Jordin (205) 401-4521 /

Hotels and Bed & Breakfast (outside the eruv)

Aladdin Inn & Suites - 8905 SW 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97219 | (503) 246-8241

Hospitality Inn & Suites - 10155 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219 | (503) 244-6684

Fri, April 10 2020 16 Nisan 5780